Quiz Makers

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Live Site: https://grand-palmier-d59eab.netlify.app/
GitHub Link: https://github.com/anamul101/quiez-assignment

What is the feature on the Quiz Makers website?
1. Header section
I have a header on this site, there is a logo and 3 Navlinks in the header Home, Statistics, and Blog. When you click on the link will take a specific page.
2. Home Page
The header section on the home page is one of them. the title has a p tag and a background image

All quizzes have a section with 4 carts. And there is a button clicking on the button that will take a single quiz page.

Suppose you click on the start Quiz button. You can see all the quizzes there. And it will show on the toast whether it is wrong or correct which will be clicked on the quiz options. And there is an icon above the quiz, if you click on it, you will see the right answer.

3. Statistics Page
If you click on the Statistics page, you will see a title and chart. All quiz data is shown there.